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Joanne and Melissa have been working together for 5 years and have been baking cakes for 2 of those years. Joanne is a BRILLIANT cake artist and Melissa is her biggest fan. They started selling by accident. Joanne had baked several cakes for fun and brought them to Okinawa (a family-run restaurant) for her employees to try. A customer saw one and wanted to buy it immediately. From that cake on, they had a plan. Joanne bakes and creates, and Melissa is the face and seller. 

Joanne has attended classes and received multiple certificates in royal icing, sugar/gum paste flowers, and gravity cakes. 


Friends & Business Partners

Joanne and Melissa's friendship and business relationship is one of genuine love and respect. Melissa goes on to say "we are honest with each other and push one another to greater levels. Every cake Joanne creates brings us one step closer to success. She’s incredible." 

Cakes by JM creates cakes tailored to each person's likes and dislikes. They’ve also created sugar free cakes! 

Cakes by JM always sources the best ingredients possible. For instance, their chocolate comes from Belgium and their fondant comes from Switzerland. The Result: a breathtaking cake that not only looks beautiful, but tastes amazing too!


Created Just For You

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